Sir, what is this?

This service provides dedicated access to the blockchain.

As a developer, if you are looking to build something on the , this RPC service can jumpstart your development.

The node is fully indexed and is running on .

You can send remote procedure calls (RPCs) in the same way as if you had a local node. Whitelisted procedure calls are listed below.

We operate on a best effort basis, doing everything possible to maintain service availability. However, like any online service, we face challenges such as maintenance requirements and unexpected technical issues.

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Sir, what about perfomance?

To get low latency and to support a massive amount of concurrent requests we Cache and Queue

Queue-Based Load Leveling
The queue serves as a buffer between the public API endpoint and the blockchain node, aiming to smooth out intermittent heavy loads that could cause the node to fail. This approach minimizes the impact of peak demand on system availability and responsiveness.

Requests are cached for the duration of the current block, ensuring that the cache remains completely consistent with the data on the blockchain

Whitelisted methods/procedures

Example - Web / JavaScript

Live example


Example - JavaScript/Node.js